Masses Resume June 7th

We will resume our weekend Mass schedule.

Sunday, June 7th at 8am.

Anyone who plans to attend MUST wear a mask and observe Social Distancing.

Safety Rules for Attending Mass –These rules are established by the Diocese of Joliet according to the state guidelines.


  • The most important rule –Use a personal mask and keep the social distance of 6 feet.
  • When arriving to the Church –Greeters will dispense hand sanitizer into everyone’s hands.
  • Ushers will lead you to your place in the pew. (Sorry if this is not your usual place, we are not using every pew).
  • Donations/Offerings can be dropped into the basket on your way into the Church.
  • Before Communion – Ushers will dispense liquid hand sanitizer by coming to the front of your pew. Ushers will dismiss 1 pew at a time for Communion.
  • Please remain in your pews after Mass. Our Ushers will dismiss by pews.
  • At this time we will not be singing or using the organists.


Fr. Stanley will provide instructions during the Mass.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Sacred Heart Cash Raffle

The Sacred Heart Cash Raffle has now ended!  Our final drawing was on Sunday May 31st.  The winner of the $500. 00 was Robert Dunn. The ticket was sold by Carol Wargo.  The raffle was success in its first year selling tickets to individuals from Coast to Coast   Thank you to everyone that sold tickets and for your awesome participation.  We were able to raise nearly $5700.  Thank you Everyone.



Week 17 (May 24) – Lee Ann Talty-$50, Diane Cress-$20, Richard Quigley-$20, Jerry & Karen Grubbs-$20

Week 16 (May 17)-Rob Edmundson-$50, Max Sulzberger-$20, Lyle & Nyla Koenig-$20, Ryan Vint-$20

Week 15 (May 10) – Justin Walsh-$50, Jennifer Jensen-$20, Gregg Harrison-$20, Rosemary Dix-$20

Week 14 (May 3) – Rosemary Dix-$100, Annika Gretenchord-$20, Kenneth Bierle-$20, Bobbi Brockman-$20

Week 13 (April 26)- Jim Wade-$50, Angela Woods-$20, Dave Baudino-$20, Heather Boucher-$20

Week 12 (April 19) – Sean O’Shea-$50, Frank Erschen $20, Robert Dunn-$20, Lori Lorntz-$20

Week 11 (April 12) – Teresita Stuckey-$50, Gwen Siedentop-$20, Alan Wade-$20, Paul chase-$20

Week 10 (April 5) – Bobbi Brockman-$100, David Cullick-$20, Deb Schlappi-$20, Eric Baudino-$20

Week 9 (March 29) -Jennifer Jensen-$50, Jeanne Harvey-$20, Brian Hooker-$20, Angela Teague-$20

Week 8 (March 22) -David Doglio-$50, Logan Carey-$20, Kaye Kilmer-$20, Tawnie Tondini-$20

Week 7 (March 15) -LeAnn Talty-$50, Rosemary Dix-$20, Jack Dunn-$20, David Sinnott-$20

Week 6 (March 8) – Lori Baudino-$50, Bobbi Brockman-$20, Tim Harvey-$20, Roland Gantzert-$20

Week 5 (March 1) – Stacy Kinzinger-$100, Bernadine Denaple-$20, Phyliss Breisch-$20, Andrea Prutch-$20

Week 4 (Feb. 23) – David Masching-$50, Peg Yasko-$20, Father Stanley-$20, Tom Cahill-$20

Week 3 (Feb. 16) – Heather Boucher-$50, Tyson Dollinger-$20, Martha Pfeifer-$20, Jerry & Karen Grubbs-$20

Week 2 (Feb. 9) – Tom Cahill-$50, Jerry Grubbs-$20, Brad Jensen-$20, Mike Woods-$20

Week 1 (Feb. 2) – Pam Brockman-$100, Susan Tjelle-$20, Bill Biros-$20, Cassie Siedentop-$20




Until we are able to resume normal functions we ask you to support our parishes by either mailing your Sunday envelopes and donations to us at PO Box 190, South Wilmington, IL  60474 OR placing them in our drop box at the parish office door at 165 Rice Street, South Wilmington.

If you would like to use on-line giving, the Diocese has created a universal offertory program for all parishes. Your gift will be sent directly to the parish you have indicated.

FORMED – Faith At Home

Dear Parishioners,

Because we want to encourage you to explore your Catholic faith at home, our diocese is pleased to partner with our friends at the Augustine Institute to give you a FREE 40 Day Subscription to FORMED – the online platform that provides the best Catholic movies, programs, audio books and talks, all at your fingertips, on your Roku, Apple TV, web browser, or FORMED iOS and Android apps.

FORMED is a great way to help you and your entire family understand, live and share the Catholic faith.

Just visit for instant access to faith-fueling, inspiring and informative stories, teaching and more. Feel free to share this link and information with your friends and family!