Sacred Heart Cash Raffle

SACRED HEART CASH RAFFLE! Tickets are now being sold for a cash raffle being held from February – May! Three $20 winners will be drawn each week as well as a $50.00 winner each Sunday. On the first Sunday of each month a $100.00 winner will be drawn. A final drawing (up to $500) will be held in May. Winning tickets each week are returned to the drawing allowing each ticket to have multiple chances of being drawn! This is Sacred Heart’s only fundraiser this year! Please consider buying some tickets for this fun raffle!


Week 4 (Feb. 23) – David Masching-$50, Peg Yasko-$20, Father Stanley-$20, Tom Cahill-$20

Week 3 (Feb. 16) – Heather Boucher-$50, Tyson Dollinger-$20, Martha Pfeifer-$20, Jerry & Karen Grubbs-$20

Week 2 (Feb. 9) – Tom Cahill-$50, Jerry Grubbs-$20, Brad Jensen-$20, Mike Woods-$20

Week 1 (Feb. 2) – Pam Brockman-$100, Susan Tjelle-$20, Bill Biros-$20, Cassie Siedentop-$20