Guidelines for Attending Mass

Beginning August 30th Updated COVID 19 Guidance for Illinois

Masks –all Illinois residents age two or older to wear a mask while in an indoor public space. Masks are required for all regardless of vaccination status.

Capacity and registration-Full capacity is allowed, and registration is no longer required.

Vaccination status-Employers have the legal right to ask staff if they have been vaccinated. However, the diocese will not require employees or the general populace to provide their vaccination status. Yet we strongly encourage vaccinations for all ministers.

Dispensation-The dispensation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place for the time being, with the intention of providing our parishes and our parishioners the opportunity to navigate and adjust to these new guidelines and protocols.

Hand sanitizer-It is recommended that hand sanitizer be available, but not required for entering/exiting the church and/or at the reception of Holy Communion.

Holy water fonts-Small holy water fonts or stoups with stationary water should remain empty.

Chalice-Because of the potential transfer of saliva, we will continue to refrain from offering the chalice at Communion for the time being.

Communion on the tongue-Communion on the hand is still the preferable option. Communion on the tongue is allowed at the pastor’s discretion.  Fr. Stanley is allowing Communion on the tongue to those who want to receive communion that way.

Singing-Cantors may now sing without masks.

Paper worship aids-Missals, can now be used in pews.

Collection baskets-Baskets on a pole are allowed.

Presentation of gifts- not at this time.

Sign of peace-The sign of peace will continue to be made without physical contact. Offer a friendly wave to your neighbor.