Liturgical Schedule for January & February

MassLector Greeter Ushers
Jan. 1 (New Years Day-Saturday), & Jan. 2
4:00pmC. FrobishM. TheisA. & N. Himes
10:00amM. PfeiferD. PfeiferN. & O. Siano
Jan. 8-9
4:00pmD. WollgastR. ChaseK. & R. Shute
10:00amT. PetersonL. HimesK. & L. Scheuber
Jan. 15-16
4:00pmP. HolohanL. HimesA. & N. Himes
10:00amC. MaleM. TheisL. & R. Byers
Jan. 22-23
4:00pmA. WargoS. MyrickN. & O. Siano
10:00amT. StaabD. WollgastL. & A. Staab
Jan. 29-30
4:00pmC. FrobishR. ChaseK. & R. Shute
10:00amM. PfeiferD. PfeiferM. & E. Simms
Feb. 5-6
4:00pmT. PetersonR. ChaseK. & R. Shute
10:00amC. MaleM. TheisN. & O. Siano
Feb. 12-13
4:00pmD. WollgastS. MyrickK. & S. Scheuber
10:00amT. StaabD. PfeiferL. & A. Staab
Feb. 19-20
4:00pmC. FrobishR. ChaseK. & R. Shute
10:00amD. WollgastL. HimesM. & E. Simms
Feb. 26-27
4:00pmA. WargoL. HimesN. & A. Himes
10:00amSpecialD. PfeiferL. Byers & E. Simms

Thank you to all who volunteer at St. Lawrence Church. If you are unable to serve at your assigned time, please find a replacement to cover that Mass. Contact lists are available by position. Again, thank you for all you do at St. Lawrence.