Liturgical Schedule for July & August


MassLectorEucharistic MinisterServer
June 30-July 1
4:00pmA. WargoF. PhillipsT. Wilkey/C. Hampson
10:00amC. MaleR. HollmeyerL. Byers/M. Kelly
July 7-8
4:00pmD. WollgastS. MyrickT. Wilkey/C. Hampson
10:00amM. PfeiferD. PfeiferA. Meredith/K. Scheuber
July 14-15
4:00pmC. MathisonM. NoethC. T. W. Brooks
10:00amA. FrideresL. HimesA. Himes/K. Scheuber
July 21-22
4:00pmC. FrobishR. ChaseN. & O. Siano
10:00amJ. NarettoP. HolohanM. Phillips/M. Cacello
July 28-29
4:00pmA. WargoM. NoethT. Wilkey/C. Hampson
10:00amT. PetersonR. HollmeyerL. Byers/M. Kelly
August 4-5
4:00pmD. WollgastM. SchmidbergerM. Phillips/M. Kelly
10:00amC. MaleR. HollmeyerL. Byers/T. Wilkey/L. Staab
August 11-12
4:00pmC. FrobishS. MyrickN. & O. Siano
10:00amA. SimmsD. WollgastL. Scheuber/K. Scheuber/M. Simms
August 18-19
4:00pmC. MathisonM. NoethC. T. W. Brooks
10:00amT. PetersonL. HimesA. Meredith/A. Himes/N. Himes
August 25-26
4:00pmA. WargoR. ChaseT. Wilkey/C. Hampson
10:00amJ. NarettoP. HolohanR. Cacello/M. Cacello


Thank you to all who volunteer at St. Lawrence Church. If you are unable to serve at your assigned time, please find a replacement to cover that Mass. Contact lists are available by position. Again, thank you for all you do at St. Lawrence.